The Los Angeles Geek Dinner was started by Heather Schlegel (aka heathervescent) in April 2006. It was an off-shoot of the first Los Angeles Barcamp.

Heather started the LA g33k d1nner because she was surprised to find there were quite a few passionate technologists in LA – but no one was talking to each other. The g33k d1nner tried to solve this problem by being a monthy gathering for anyone interested in technology.

The g33k d1nner happens on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, except for November or December when that date may conflict with traditional Holidays.

Anyone is welcome to attend the g33k d1nner – as long as you are genuinely passionate about technology. The g33k d1nner is not a traditional networking event focused on dog and pony show and tells, rather it is the change to cultivate social and professional relationships.