Geek Dinner / Ignite LA on July 21st

The Geek Dinner has joined up with Ignite to hold the first ever Ignite LA on July 21st at Cinespace (map) in Hollywood.

What is Ignite?
Speakers get 5 minutes to give an amazing, inspiring talk. They submit 20 slides which automatically advance every 15 seconds.

At other Ignites, talks have included:
– The Secret Underground World of Lego
– How to Buy a Car
– Cyborg Anthropology
– Hacking Chocolate

This will be the first Ignite in Los Angeles; it is co-sponsored by LA Geek Dinner, Girls In Tech LA, and a few other groups to be announced soon.

What is Geek Dinner?
The LA G33k dinner was kind enough to let us take over their July dinner to host the first Ignite.

LA Geek Dinner, founded by Heathervescent brings people with a passion for technology and the internet together over a meal where conversations happen, friendships form, and collaborations on various projects occur. L.A. Geek Dinner is an inclusive event.

Details & Schedule
The event is free. We’re hosting it at Cinespace on July 21:

6:30 Geek Dinner& Drinks — Cinespace is doing a beer bucket special for us for the the first hour (5 beers for $20)
8pm-9:30 Ignite talks
10pm Cinespace opens to the general public for Dim Mak (you’re welcome to
stay for the band)

While the event is free, you are responsible for paying for your own food/drinks from Cinespace if you want ’em.

Please RSVP to the Geek Dinner list on upcoming.

If you’re working on an interesting project, have an unusual skill, or just some interest that would be fun to share with everyone, please submit your proposal here.

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