Geek Dinner in the LA Weekly

Last night Alexia Tsotsis stopped by the Geek Dinner to cover it for LA Weekly’s Style Council.

“So what’s the strangest place you’ve wifi-ed?” The icebreakers were a bit unorthodox but the endgame was the same at the 6th birthday party of Creative Commons and the now three year strong Geek Dinner held last night at the uWink Restaurant in Hollywood.

You can read the whole article for more of her take on the scene.

For the record, I said that the Geek Dinner helped seed the events listed in the article, but it kind of came off in the article that I’m involved with them now (which I’m not, except as attending). I do however believe that none of those events would have gained the success they have without the help of the LA Geek Dinner – which success is due to all of us here in the LA Tech Community.

One Response to “Geek Dinner in the LA Weekly”

  1. Andrew Warner Says:

    Great piece on LA Weekly. Right on Heather.