HeatherVescent joins up with Crowdgather


The GeekDinner’s very own Heather Schlegel (yes, she has a last name) is shaking things up making waves joining Crowdgather. An oppurtunity with Crowdgather has inspired her to put The Purple Tornado on hold to lead the company as their new Director of Community Evangelism seeing and fostering the authenticity in communities. Crowdgather has over 60 communities today on many mainstream and niche & subcultural topics.

Heather has been an instrumental part in the surge in the technology scene in Los Angeles helping coordinate the BarCampLA, founding the LA Geek Dinners and has had her hand in a number of other projects including StartupLA, Twiistup, Lunch 2.0 & Mixergy. She has often been referred to as the ‘Mother of the rebirth of the LA Tech Scene”. Everyone please join me in congratulating Heather and wishing her well on her new adventure.

press release: here

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