Sean Percival leaves Mahalo for LA startup DocStoc

Sean PercivalToday on Sean Percival‘s blog we found the news that  he’s packing up shop at Mahalo and heading over to LA tech startup DocStoc.  It’s what appears to be a bittersweet job move as we have many friends and great respect for the crew at Mahalo.

From his blog:

“Today is going to be my last day with The last 8 months here have been an amazing experience for me. Truly unique and rewarding on so many levels. Leaving it behind has been a very tough decision for me. Big thanks to Jason and C.K. for giving me a chance and some footing in this crazy industry. Huge respect and gratitude to the Mahalo staff, both in-house and the many remote guides. There is no shortage of great ideas and people here; I’m certainly going to miss it all.”

Sean is a beloved member of the LA community and we’re glad he’s not leaving the city. He stands to make a strong impact at DocStoc heading up their content and SMO/SEO efforts and I hope you can all wish him well in his transition.

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  1. sean percival Says:

    Thanks for the mention! w00t