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Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow!

Just in case you forgot. TOMORROW. TUESDAY. January 31st 2012. LA Geek Dinner at the Golden Road Brewery (where the 5 and 134 meet). Cya!

Things are going to start happening now

2011 came and went while we slept, but 2012 is our year. That’s right, the LA g33k d1nner is BACK. The G33k d1nner is a monthly gathering for geeks (dorks and nerds too) where we gather to connect and reconnect. We talk about our passions over bread and beer. Anyone is welcome to attend the […]

oh no. 2012? WTF happened to 2011?

We took a little Rip Van Winkle nap and are now just waking up.  You beloved g33k d1nner will be back pretty dang soon.  Expect a imminent announcement (just need to confirm venue).  I will give you a hint loyal diner, it will involve beer.