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Tech Zulu coverage from our 2 Year Anniversary Dinner

The friendly folks from TechZulu came up from the O.C. to cover our humble event. Here’s what they had to say. It’s really great to have Vak & Efren up and we all appreciate their wonderful coverage.

Special thanks to Everyone at Geek Dinner 24!

Thanks everyone for coming out to show the love at our 2 year geek dinner anniversary. First i’d specifically like to thank Heather, for starting the whole Geek Dinner 2 short years ago. Next, i’d like to thank the sponsors; BLANKSPACES for the wonderful coworking & meeting space, for the lovely drinks including Mickey’s […]

April Sponsors

Here’s a shout out to out two fabulous sponsors: Bullspot is keeping us hydrated with tasty beverages, while BincSearch will feed our sweet tooth with cupcakes from Sweet Lady Jane! And a third shout out to Threadless, who is providing a $50 gift certificate to the winner of the geekiest t-shirt contest! Rock on Threadless! […]