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Geek Dinner Conversation

Geek Dinner Originally uploaded by heathervescent Miro colors while tech conversation flows around him.

Jason Cosper announces BarcampLA-6

Gee din Originally uploaded by heathervescent Looks all spiffy in a tux t-shirt

Cheers from Amanda

LA Geek Dinner – Amanda Originally uploaded by heathervescent Bottom’s up at the August Los Angeles Geek Dinner. The beer was flowing and the pizza was hot at Shakey’s Pizza in Hollywood. Amanda played hostess and a round of her new espionage game.

Shaking it at Shakey’s

We’re keeping it easy for August – since we’re probably focusing on vacations or Burning Man or whatever shiny new thing in our life. So come on down to Shakey’s Pizza in Hollywood on Tuesday, August 19th at 8pm for some low key geek talk and pizza. RSVP on upcoming so we know how many […]

HeatherVescent joins up with Crowdgather

The GeekDinner’s very own Heather Schlegel (yes, she has a last name) is shaking things up making waves joining Crowdgather. An oppurtunity with Crowdgather has inspired her to put The Purple Tornado on hold to lead the company as their new Director of Community Evangelism seeing and fostering the authenticity in communities. Crowdgather has over […]

Sean Percival leaves Mahalo for LA startup DocStoc

Today on Sean Percival‘s blog we found the news that  he’s packing up shop at Mahalo and heading over to LA tech startup DocStoc.  It’s what appears to be a bittersweet job move as we have many friends and great respect for the crew at Mahalo. From his blog: “Today is going to be my […]

Thanks to uWink Beta Testers

Thanks to everyone for showing up to beta test our friends at uWink. Although their system may have been slightly compirimised, all ended well with good food, awesome beers & drinks and great interaction. I’m just hoping they add animatronic Chuck E. Cheese Karaoke. Special thanks to Riz & Brent for having us.

July Geek Dinner at Mao’s

Join us at Mao’s on Melrose for the July’s Geek Dinner. Way back during year 1 of the LA Geek Dinners we visited Mao’s in Venice – everyone loved it and had a great time. The Melrose location is much larger and we’re going to take it over in July. July’s dinner is price fixed […]

SEO Rapper: Design Coding

The Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper) is back with another marketing rap. This was just too good not to post. His beats are fresh, and he really runs a tight ship with his design requirements.

Heavybag expanding: Adds Nick Dynice to roster

Heavybag Media has been making waves since Jackie Peters landed brought the company to the west coast. As they’ve been booming they’ve recently hired long time geek dinner particpant and barcamper Nick Dynice as their Community Marketing Manager. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing nick for a few years here from the scene and his […]